The Foundation

Statutes of the Foundation:

  • Name: Rwamiheto Foundation
  • Type of Organization: Non-profit organization in the form of an official recognized Charitable Organization
  • Jurisdiction: Federal
  • Address: 25 Rue Baron, Laval, Quebec, H7H 0A4


Mission of the Foundation:

Promote education for all by offering tuition fees and school accessories to the most disadvantaged children who are especially on the African continent.


Values ​​of the Foundation:

  • Solidarity with the most disadvantaged
  • Objectivity in the choice of beneficiaries
  • Transparency in the management of its activities


Foundation activities:

  • Raise the necessary funds to enable the Foundation to fulfill its mission
  • Identify the most disadvantaged children who have difficulty accessing education
  • Offer school fees and school accessories to the most disadvantaged children
  • Follow up with beneficiaries until their integration into active professional life
  • Encourage children who have benefited from the Foundation’s support to help others who have the same needs as them; hence the Foundation’s slogan: Education for all by Donating to the next